Get ready to Flash Mob!

We are bringing together dancers from two continents this year at the IHSC!

Learn this choreography and plan to break it out over the course of the weekend!

We will be doing the ITALIAN HUSTLE FLASH MOB, choregraphy brought to you by D & G Italia!

And our homegrown girls, Erica Smith and Joyce Szili are contributing their take on the scene with the AMERICAN HUSTLE FLASH MOB.

So just take a look below. We have broken down the steps and there are Video Demos too.

See you in Orlando and get ready to mob!!


The Italian Flash Mob Choreography
Choreographed by ........
View choreogrpahy here

  1. Throwout to double hand hold
  2. Cradle to release under left arm.
  3. Face Loop w/Right Arm lead to behind the back butt bump hesitation step (Billy's move)
  4. Release to Right to Right hold.
  5. Las Vegas
  6. J Lead to Shadowed Waist Hold Traveling Checks (2x). Second one goes to a Rib Check to
  7. Double Free Spin to Catch 90 degree Closed Position
  8. Throw Out to Open Break
  9. NY Walk
  10. Return w Ladies right pivot (right hand lead to switch hold) to 8 Count Diva Walk Releases Las Vegas Style to change direction 1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

The Hustle Flash Mob Choreography
Choreopgrahed by Erica Smith & Joyce Szili
View choreography here

  1. Double Hand Hold Throw Out
  2. Wheel, 2 steps back (follower)/forward (leader)
  3. Craddle In
  4. Rip-cord, sway and sway
  5. Ladies free spin
  6. Throw out
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Whip to double hand hold
  9. butterfly into diva walk
  10. New york walk
  11. 4 count turn
  12. shadow with comb
  13. throw out
  14. return to close
  15. repeat


Best regards,
Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow, Organizers

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